Berlin Black debut album – pledge now

The band I play guitar for – Berlin Black – are currently running a PledgeMusic campaign to fund the recording and release of our debut album. It would be great if you could get involved and pledge, you’ll be helping an independent act out, and getting yourself some exclusive goodies in the process!

PledgeMusic represents the new paradigm for the music industry, in my opinion. It puts participation and fan investment front and centre, and it has the potential to be great for bands and artists.

If you’re not familiar, this is how it works:

  1. A band or act set up a campaign, stating their target
  2. They set up items that can be purchased, from a CD to personal gigs or merchandise/memorabilia
  3. They elicit donations up front from fans
  4. If the campaign reaches it’s target, the band gets the total donations, less PledgeMusic’s cut
  5. The band then sends out the exclusive goodies, merchandise etc direct to the fans

Of course, it only really benefits if the target is reached, but the target can be exceeded so as long as it’s set realistically there’s very little to lose. If nothing else, it gives a great opportunity to raise awareness of the project in hand and the funding makes much more lavish productions possible.

So please – go ahead and pledge!


  • Rob Sixsmith June 11, 2013

    Having followed AK’s music exploits now for many years since the first concept of AKP it is good to see him still having fun with his axe!
    Maybe taking a backseat from the usual “Front Man Status” Alex may feel a bit less of the pressure and start to enjoy this new musical adventure,
    Who would have thought your guitar style would have fitted so well with this “Glam Rock Retro Punk Outfit” though!
    I love your sound … It’s bang in the moment of “Punk Revival” … Just enjoy yourself Alex … You deserve it!

    All the best


  • Alexander June 11, 2013

    Thanks Rob, good to hear from you!

  • Paul September 8, 2013

    I have a live recording I made of Berlin Black in York in July – really rather good even if I say so myself. I can let you have a few samples, and if you agree and think it worthwhile, you could maybe release it commercially (or do whatever you wish with it). If you’re not interested I might just put it up on a torrent site (if you are ok with that). It’s too good just to lie around my home studio, needs to get out! Let me know,.

  • Alexander September 8, 2013

    Hi Paul – that sounds exciting!

    Could you please send me a few samples (akpcep at gmail dot com) so we can have a listen to the quality (of playing, mostly!). I’ll then have a word with the band and we’ll let you know.



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