The Damask Room

My first real stage acting role – for the rather excellent Off the Rock Productions – was in fact, three roles in one evening.

The Damask Room was an evening of macabre short plays, each written by a different author, and directed by a variety of top York talent.

I had three roles:

In Anna Rose James’s ‘La Peregrina’, I played Pygot. Submerged up to my neck in a wooden box.

In ‘π’ by Anna Rose James and Matthew Wignall, I played a demented, diseased Jack Spratt, desperately trying to mollify his obese, wheelchair-stricken wife while trying not to be savaged by their feral child.

In ‘How to Make a Killing’ I played Judge, prevailing over a court of imbeciles as they prepared for the greatest send-off a dignitary has ever had.

Damask D&J
Clancy McMullan as dove, myself as Judge in ‘How To Make a Killing’ by Matthew Wignall

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