After AKP came to a natural end, I wanted to start another band that was as different as possible. GLASS was much darker, slower and more sparse, but I couldn’t get away from writing pop songs in essence.

Featuring Dan Whiting on drums, Andy Curry on synth and Jim Stafford on bass GLASS gigged extensively and recorded an album (The Sound of Glass) which was critically very well received.

It was interesting to change things like my guitar sound, guitar style, vocal style and song structure as radically as possible while still producing listenable, hooky music.

The album was produced in my own home studio with the exception of the drums, which we recorded at Dan Whiting’s excellent facility The White Rooms in York.

The band’s website is still online and garnered quite a lot of attention due to the narrative behind the music – please check it out and read from the first entry to the end. The story of a young boy who creates a machine to transmit art and music through time involved a lot of Augmented Reality tropes, including leaving business cards in library books and mixing real history with fictional narrative.

We even did a photoshoot in an abandoned nursing home just outside York – exhilerating and terrifying as night rapidly fell and we were deep in the bowels of the decaying hospital surroundings. The terror is palpable when you look through the resulting photos.

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