The Return of AKP

AKP 2024

AKP are reforming for a one-off gig at The Crescent, York on November 23rd 2024

Completely out of the blue, I was approached by legendary York promoter Tim Hornsby, who wanted to put on a show to mark the 20th anniversary of Fibbers, the venue he used to run. His plan was to get 4 or 5 of the most popular/busiest bands of 2004 and put a show together. I was very flattered to be asked!

Luckily I’m still on good terms with the rest of the final lineup and as they all agreed, the game was afoot.

So, Leo Derevonko (bass), Dan Whiting (drums), Andy Curry (keys) and my good self are back in the rehearsal room, a little bit greyer, but we’ve still got it!

The other bands on the bill are Customer 1000, Cardboard Radio and The Blueprints, so it’s going to be an awesome evening. Tickets are available here:

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