My feature film acting debut, Chestersberg from RedShirt Films is the full-length story started in award-winning short The Book Club.

As well as helping with the script on both the pilot and full film, I was very pleased to be cast as DI Matthews, the film’s ‘good guy’.

The plot revolves around Chester Mapleforth (Andy Love), an independently rich psychopath who decided to spend his fortune seceding from the UK and subsequently making murder legal in his postcode.

This of course opens the door for other murderous maniacs to move into the area, free to slaughter any innocents (postmen, tourists etc) who stumble into its village boundaries.

Also starring Andrew Lee Potts (Primeval, Alice) and a stellar cast of local acting talent, it was a real education and came with its own challenges. Fight scenes in ankle-deep freezing water, being covered in blood, falling over while hopping full-pelt in a sleeping bag, and so on.

The film is nearing completion and will see a release of some kind shortly after. Follow it on IMDB.

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