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I was approached by Matthew Wignall of Off The Rock Productions to write a short script for an upcoming evening of five contemporary tales of the supernatural, each by a different writer and director.

I actually wrote two, but “Security” was selected. Security is the story of two security guards at an abandoned mental hospital. Veteran Cliff goes out on his rounds, leaving new boy Danny in the office, listening to Cliff’s progress over walkie-talkie.

I was also very pleased to be involved in the casting process alongside my good friend Alison Young, herself a hugely talented actress, director and writer. Mainly because we couldn’t find anyone better, I was cast as The Inheritor – the ‘Crypt Keeper’ character who links each of the five tales together (and delivers it’s shocking twist!). It was a fun role and quite a contrast to anything I’d attempted before.

On top of this, I made my directorial debut – directing Matthew Wignall’s “Twenty-Nine”.

As always it was an absolute pleasure to work with a bunch of talented York creatives and the show played to good audiences and was very well received critically.

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