I was thrilled to be cast as Mickey in Oli Forsyth’s boxing drama Cornermen, produced by Wildgoose Theatre and directed by Andy Love.

Cornermen tells the story of three boxing trainers -played by myself, Martyn Hunter and Claire Morley – who find a young prodigy in Sid Sparks (Joe Sample) and proceed to make as much money as possible out of him, regardless of the consequences. The play ran for four nights – three in York City Screen Basement Bar and one in Leeds Seven Arts theatre.

Mickey was an interesting role to play as he’s completely selfish, aggressive and quite vicious. It was fun playing with his physicality and movement as well as the interaction with the other characters.

The rehearsal time was short, and it wasn’t without its stresses as there were large blocks of fast-paced dialogue as we narrated the off-stage ring action. But despite this it was a great success, garnering excellent reviews. It was a great cast and I’d love to work with Wildgoose Theatre again.

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