York Literary Review

To my great surprise and delight, I had one of my short stories published in the York Literary Review.

My short story “The Blind Queen” was accepted for publication by YLR, which is edited by staff and degree students from York University. It concerns a valet pushing a blind queen in a shopping trolley through a post-apocalyptic landscape. Standard stuff, really.

The level of competition was apparently very high, with a large number of submissions for the editors to wade through. Perhaps most excitingly, I was invited to read an extract of my piece at the launch of the magazine at Waterstones in York on the 27th April 2017.

It was truly humbling to be around my fellow contributors, all of whom appeared to be very highly qualified and experienced. My reading went down very well and I got a lot of encouraging feedback.

Getting published in a recognised periodical has really boosted my confidence as a writer and inspired me to write – and submit – much more in the future.

York Literary Review is available to buy at Waterstones in York.

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