The Droving

A mysterious character in an excellent feature film, available on Amazon Prime

I was already familiar with Rubicon Films from their excellent folk-horror film Hex, and when I was approached by director George Popov to audition for their next feature I didn’t hesitate to agree.

Talking about this film from my perspective is hard, due to the nature of my character being pivotal to the plot, and a source of pretty major spoilers – but suffice to say while it’s not a large role in terms of screen time, it’s a large role in terms of the story!

For me, this shoot was a full day in the beautiful Lake District, mainly spent in a freezing cold cave, but I had faith that the end result would be worth it – and the stellar IMDB and Amazon reviews certainly prove me right.

You can watch The Droving on Amazon Prime now – if you like supernatural/folk horror it will be right up your street.

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