I scored my first feature! And it’s a good one – zombie comedy horror, in fact

I’ve worked with Tony Hipwell quite a few times over the years, and that was the connection to MilesTone films, and the feature film version of the long-running and much loved Zomblogalypse web series.

For those not familiar, Zomblog is the story of Miles, Tony and Hannah – three largely self-centred, chaotic, cowardly survivors of an occasionally mundane zombie apocalypse, documented via a video blog. It’s funny, gross, and very well written.

Tony asked me to score the feature film knowing my work well, but I was still grateful for his faith in me. The film was many years in the planning and a lot was riding on its success, so the pressure was definitely on. Luckily as a director he was a pleasure to work with and we soon got ‘locked in’ on what he was wanting thematically.

It was a lot of work – 6 months solid composing, writing and recording (the final Logic Pro file had around 190 individual instrument tracks), but getting to attend the premiere at The Ritz Cinema in Thirsk (where the film’s climax takes place) was an unforgettable experience.

It seemed like a big jump moving from scoring short films to a feature, but it feels good to have one under my belt – roll on the next one!

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