Security started life as a stage play that I wrote as part of Off The Rock Productions’ “The Trove of Curiosities” evening of plays, and it went down really well. In the audience one night was Tony Hipwell of Grunt Productions, who showed an interest in making it into a film.

Fast forward a year and I’d rewritten the story as a screenplay. After a few tweaks it was accepted for production and Tony and his team moved fast, sourcing an excellent cast, crew and location to bring my story to life once again.

Security tells the story of two security guards, tasked with protecting an abandoned mental hospital from local youths. It’s young Danny’s first day on the job and seasoned guard Cliff decides to tell him a ghost story. But as Cliff goes out on his rounds, with only a walkie-talkie to connect him to Danny, was it really just a story?

George Stagnell (Danny) and Joe Osborne (Cliff) are both stellar actors that I’ve had the pleasure of working with before and they did a fantastic job. I was invited down to the shoot to give advice to the actors and be on hand for script questions and it was a great experience.

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