I was approached by Grunt Productions to play the lead role in the action short ‘Blackout’ written by Tony Hipwell and Jack Hobbs. As a big fan of Die Hard, John Wick and any/all Jason Statham films, I was all in.

The story revolves around my character (The Spy) punching, kicking and shooting his way through goons only to be captured by The Boss, played by Gemma-Louise Keane as a young millienial filled with ennui. The Spy soon learns that his old-school methods just don’t get things done anymore as he’s tortured by The Fatale (Amelia Tyler).

His mission is to stop a shadowy cabal from bringing down a ‘blackout’ and rebooting society – but can he do it with a gun, a suit and some stubble?

This shoot was a blast, particularly due to the fight choreography I worked through with experts Neil Tattersall and Amelia Tyler. The rushes looked fantastic and even more painful on screen than they were to perform!

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