Not So Funny Now

York writer, actor and director Mike Hickman wrote a very funny, moving play called “Not So Funny Now” about the women in Groucho Marx’s life. Off The Rock Productions decided to produce it, and I was brought on to provide music and SFX.

This particular production presented a number of challenges: It was a period piece that occurred in multiple timelines simultaneously. Also, it had to evoke the spirit of the Marx Brothers without explicitly focussing on them, as Groucho’s ex-wife Ruth Johnson and his partner at the time of his death Erin Fleming were the main characters.

What I produced was a mix of ambient sound effects, period-style muzak and treated dialogue to keep the audience unsettled and constantly guessing and intrigued by the action onstage.

Also, Mike (who also directed) requested an incredibly catchy and annoying theme song, which I delivered in spades, to the extent of looping it as the audience were leaving the venue to ensure it haunted them long after the curtain had fallen!

Once again a tremendous experience working with a hugely talented cast and crew.

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