AKP were a high-energy pop-rock band I formed in 1999 as a simple power trio alongside another band I was playing lead guitar for at the time. The other band ended up disbanding, and I carried on for 10 years, with a variety of excellent musicians by my side.


Seppuku was an attempt to produce the most abrasive, unpleasant noise music I could muster. Inspired by early Industrial acts like SPK and Throbbing Gristle, I tried to throw away everything I knew about melody, structure, rhythm and counterpoint and chuck everything through a lot of distortion.

Solo Acoustic

Throughout my musical “career” I’ve written and played solo acoustic songs live. The benefits of playing solo are many and obvious – less gear to lug around, less people to organise and rehearsals are a breeze to get together. The limitations of the single instrument plus voice also force you to be more creative.