Need music?

I’ve written and performed music for a wide variety of different settings and purposes, but my long-term ambition has always been to produce soundtracks for film. If you’re making a film, short, or television programme and you’d like me to compose music, please get in touch as I’d love to work with you.

Miss Julie

Miss Julie was the second Hedgepig Theatre production I was invited to participate in, and it was an equally edifying experience. Working with many of the same people as Playhouse Creatures, I was tasked with creating a dark 1920s theme for August Strindberg’s gender-war drama. 

Berlin Black

Berlin Black are a glam/goth/rock outfit, created by Chris Tuke (ex Screaming Banshee Aircrew) and consisting of Thomas MacLean (drums), Jo Violet (bass), Chris (vocals/keyboards) and myself (guitar). So far we’ve released 3 EPs (The Only Ones, Burn It Down and It’s Only Natural) and a full-length album.

Andy Curry Band

Long term compadre Andy Curry was forming a band to play his excellent solo material and asked me to join. Although I’ve played in various bands over the years playing bass and guitar, the Andy Curry Band has been the only opportunity I’ve had so far to play drums in a live setting.


AKP were a high-energy pop-rock band I formed in 1999 as a simple power trio alongside another band I was playing lead guitar for at the time. The other band ended up disbanding, and I carried on for 10 years, with a variety of excellent musicians by my side.


Seppuku was an attempt to produce the most abrasive, unpleasant noise music I could muster. Inspired by early Industrial acts like SPK and Throbbing Gristle, I tried to throw away everything I knew about melody, structure, rhythm and counterpoint and chuck everything through a lot of distortion.

Solo Acoustic

Throughout my musical “career” I’ve written and played solo acoustic songs live. The benefits of playing solo are many and obvious – less gear to lug around, less people to organise and rehearsals are a breeze to get together. The limitations of the single instrument plus voice also force you to be more creative.