This project represented a number of firsts for me – my first foray into writing music for a musical, and … More

Playboy of the Wide World

Another chance to work with the super talented Hedgepig Theatre team – this time a re-imagining of JM Synge’s Irish … More

Blade Runner

Need music?

I’ve written and performed music for a wide variety of different settings and purposes, but my long-term ambition has always … More

Miss Julie

Miss Julie

Miss Julie was the second Hedgepig Theatre production I was invited to participate in, and it was an equally edifying … More

Playhouse Creatures

Playhouse Creatures was my first time working with York-based theatre company Hedgepig Theatre. The play, written by April de Angelis, … More

Berlin Black

Berlin Black are a glam/goth/rock outfit, created by Chris Tuke (ex Screaming Banshee Aircrew) and consisting of Thomas MacLean (drums), … More



After AKP came to a natural end, I wanted to start another band that was as different as possible. GLASS … More

Andy Curry Band

Andy Curry Band

Long term compadre Andy Curry was forming a band to play his excellent solo material and asked me to join. … More


Fnord was an acoustic duo I formed with long-term cohort Andy Curry. With two acoustic guitars, two voices and a … More


AKP were a high-energy pop-rock band I formed in 1999 as a simple power trio alongside another band I was … More